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After visiting your property and viewing the items to be sold, we may recommend that you consider an on site sale as one of the options available to you for selling your property.

Our objective is to conduct a well organized and safe sale and to obtain the best possible price for your items. We will manage all aspects of the sale from set-up to clean-up, providing everything necessary for a successful sale.

You will receive a clear, straightforward contract which details the services that Wyoming Estate Services LLC will provide and the fees for these services. Generally, fees are based upon a percentage of the gross proceeds of the sale. Services that we provide include:

  • Sorting, pricing and displaying items for sale
  • Cleaning of items. Fees vary depending upon the amount of work required.
  • Advertising the sale. This will include placement on our website under "Upcoming Auctions and Sales"
  • Placing signs directing buyers to the sale
  • Managing the sale on sale day, including collection of sale proceeds
  • Accounting for and delivering sale proceeds to the seller at the end of the sale
  • Disposing of or donating unsold items per the seller's instructions

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